2024 Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are generally held at local airports across our area on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Our locations are selected during an annual planning session held at our November meeting. Possible changes to locations, dates and times are discussed at each monthly meeting.  If you would like us to visit your area, please contact us at allohio@ncs99s.org.

Touchdown: 11:30am ~ Business meeting: 12:00pm

  • January 14, 2024 – Meeting Cancelled due to Weather 
  • February 11, 2024 –  Bolton Field
  • March 10, 2024 – Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, Mt. Vernon
  • April , 2024 –  TBD
  • May , 2024 – TBD
  • June , 2024 – TBD
  • July , 2024 – TBD
  • August , 2024 – TBD
  • September , 2024 –  TBD
  • October , 2024 – TBD
  • November , 2024 – TBD
  • December , 2024 – TBD

April 2023 meeting at Bolton Field

Vickie Harris, Sarah Robards, and Thao Sepate/Erin Walling, Kay Johnson, Debra Henrichs, and Roberta Jones/Esther Kotyk, Lisa Blair, and CFII Peg Ballou/Linda Blodgett/Kay Johnson (on the Right)/CFII Kathy Samuelson, and Chris Creamer

Our March 2023 meeting was held at the train aka The Buckeye Express Café in Bellville. Posing for a photo taken by Kathy in in the chilly wind were: L-R: Linda, Ali, CFII Peg, Chris, Debra, Kay, and Nicole.

Linda and Emily

L-R: Claire Gerber, Kathy Samuelson, Emily Garber, Kay Johnson, Roberta Jones, Bev HIrzel, Debra Henrichs and new member Abby Burdue.

Mansfield Museum Curator Scott with  Chris, Linda and Kay

Cherry and Don

CFII-Peg Ballou and CFII-Kathy Samuelson









Deb with long time member Peg

North Central Section – Spring Meeting

April 26-28, 2024. Kansas City, Missouri
Hosted by Greater Kansas City Chapter
Contact: Laura MacAllister
Board Rep: Glenna Blackwell

International Meetings

2024 – International Conference: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  July 3 – July 7.
~ Hosted by the West Canada Section and British Columbia (BC) Coast Chapter. 

2025 – International Conference: Burlington, Vermont. July 8 – July 13.
~ Hosted by the New England Section